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Revenue Cycle Management Technology and Services for Your Medical Practice

Drive Higher Revenue while Improving Patient Care

Why Etransmedia?

The Challenge

Getting paid is one of the most daunting challenges healthcare providers face today.  It is estimated that doctors in the U.S. leave approximately $125 billion on the table each year due to errors in billing. Medical Billing is not merely complicated, it is a process that requires specialty and payor specific knowledge, judgement, attention to detail, and tenacious diligence in order to be successful.  Everything from the handing of co-pays, skyrocketing deductibles, patient eligibility, prior authorizations, new coding and medical necessity requirements to regulatory changes can cause a medical practice to loose revenues, often in excess of 20% over the last five years.   Software purchases in most medical practices today are governed by clinical features and workflow, and so EHR companies often put minimal effort into their billing modules, resulting in declining staff efficiency and fewer features to assist staff with the generation of clean claims or collections.  Worse, the cost of knowledgeable staff is rising, and the need for additional staff to handle the increasing prerequisites and claim follow-up now required is intensifying.  Declining revenues, compounded with rising costs have made operating a medical practice more difficult than ever.

The Solution

Partner with Etransmedia.  We are an experienced medical billing company that stays up-to-date with changing guidelines for payor rules, state reimbursement and coding.  We achieve an average revenue increase of more than 10% for our customers in the first year.  We believe you should be paid for the work you do at the rates you’ve negotiated, not less, not eventually, not sometimes. We focus on your business by ensuring accuracy, security, and timeliness and make sure you receive what’s owed. Through our RCM services, we alleviate the most time consuming and costly aspect of running your business, maximizing your income potential. Our comprehensive, aggressively-priced, and full featured service and software packages are designed specifically to allow your practice flexibility in outsourcing as much or as little as you need. We can provide you with an complete, end-to-end software solution that maximizes efficiency, or we can work with most existing software products, allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure investments. Based on your needs, we can help you fully optimize your revenue by adding credentialing, pre-authorization, benefits verification, mobile charge capture, contract negotiation, practice operations and more.

98% first pass clean claim rate

Integrated product & service solutions


Improve your revenue by letting our services handle your revenue cycle process


Full-featured solution packages customized to focus on what your practice needs


Building, managing, updating, submitting, tracking, and verifying credentialing applications is a necessity


Connect2Care® is a turnkey solution that improves workflow and financial results.


First Pass Clean Claim Rate


Revenue Boost*


Reduction in Cost

Proven Results*

  • On average, we increases collections by 15%
  • Clients report an average 20% growth in revenue
  • Practices experience an average 10% reduction in costs
  • 99% of our customers are referrals from satisfied client

Regulatory Expertise

  • We stays abreast of the constant changes in healthcare to provide your practice expert guidance
  • From practice management to billing management and technology management, we provide a complete, turn-key solution to meet all your practice needs
  • We ensure your practice is optimized to earn as much revenue as possible
  • World-Class Customer Service
  • Our staff of over 150 certified, trained experts provide highly personalized service backed by a state-of-the-art corporate infrastructure
  • Improved patient throughput equates to greater physician efficiency as well as patient satisfaction
  • We ensure your practice is positioned for the highest level of patient satisfaction
    We’re On a Mission…Yours
  • We have a vested interest in our clients’ success. We only get paid, when you get paid
  • Our dedication to communication, support and quality work is unsurpassed

*Please Note: Results are not guaranteed, implicitly or explicitly, and will vary based on several factors such as individual practice demographics, specialty, payer mix, operations, and management among others.

The Practice with the Best Brand Wins

  • 88% of patients rely on referrals from friends, family and other doctors when it comes to selecting a physician
  • Over 170 million Americans use the Internet to search for medical information and doctors
  • We offer award-winning marketing services to position your practice for an ongoing, growing referral base

Unsurpassed Contract Negotiations*

  • We renegotiates payor contracts aggressively and meticulously to ensure you earn every penny you deserve
  • Renegotiating your medical liability insurance contracts can reduce your cost by up to 20%
  • Rest assured, we’ve got your back (office) covered so that you can focus on your patients

Leading the Healthcare Industry

  • Our proprietary Connect2Care software technology platform built on cutting edge industry leading technology used by thousands of physicians, hospitals and healthcare providers nationwide
  • We leading the healthcare industry in providing service solutions to providers and health systems for more than 15 years


Revenue loss in excess of 20%

over the last five years due to regulatory changes

Declining staff efficiency

due to software governed by clinical features

Proprietary Industry Leading Technology

  • Web-based practice management software and billing systems that are backed by bullet-proof, enterprise-class, remote servers
  • Comprehensive, 24-7 reporting and real-time analytics tools
  • Web-based reporting tools allow for complete transparency and real-time status of collections and revenue

Billing and Coding Expertise*

  • Nearly 100% first pass claims acceptance ensures rapid payments. Our meticulous staff employs a rigorous, detailed submission process
  • The roughly 10,000 ICD9 codes have expanded to over 150,000 ICD10 codes, we’ve made sure our team understands what code code will benefit your practice
  • By maximizing the use of optimized CPT codes, you can realize thousands of dollars in incremental revenue

We Leave no Money on the Table

  • No detail is too small. And collecting on just 5% of older claims can make a positive impact on your bottom line
  • Our promise to you is simple; less headaches, more time, lower costs and higher revenue—period

Looking to Drive Higher Revenue?

Customized revenue cycle management service and technology solution packages allow you to outsource based on the specific needs of your practice.

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*Please Note: Results are not guaranteed, implicitly or explicitly, and will vary based on several factors such as individual practice demographics, specialty, payer mix, operations, and management among others.


First Pass Clean Claim Rate


Boost in Revenue*


Reduction in Cost*

Amazing Result

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President, Eastern Woods Radiation Oncology

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Cumberland Valley Counseling Associates

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