Associated Billing Service
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ABS, an Etransmedia Company

Associated Billing Service (ABS), has been an Etransmedia Company since June, 2012 and continues to provide comprehensive revenue cycle management services that make it possible for physicians to concentrate on caring for their patients rather than being consumed and distracted by the billing process. Medical billing can be a cumbersome, overwhelming and time-consuming process. ABS, which has been providing expert medical billing and accounts receivable management services for nearly three decades, can aid in this process, thereby streamlining the patient billing, collections and reimbursement processes on behalf of the clients it serves.

We can help your medical practice:

  • Reduce overhead and lower expenses
  • Alleviate human resources challenges relating to turnover resulting in stalled billing procedures
  • Achieve increased and consistent revenue streams
  • Realize increased efficiencies
  • Ensure compliance
  • Allow medical experts the time and energy to focus on the provision of quality care
  • Assure accountability of all billing processes and procedures
  • Incorporate an integrated and seamless approach to maintaining reimbursement through seamless billing and collections efforts

Today, we are large enough to have broad, deep experience in the billing, coding, and compliance categories. At the same time, the company is still agile and non-bureaucratic enough to deliver on its fundamental promise – to provide unsurpassed attention, support, and direction to each and every client we serve.