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Patient Access

We leverage Patient Access Management to drive higher revenue and improve patient care

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Give your staff access to real-time patient data to allow them to accurately resolve patient collections at the beginning of the revenue cycle.

Patient Access is generally the patient’s first experience of any healthcare organization, and it often sets the tone for the entire revenue cycle. Engaging in patient access prevents emergent situations, builds effective patient engagement, enhances patient satisfaction, and improves communication through shared records. Contact Us


Improve your revenue by letting our services handle your revenue cycle process


Full-featured solution packages customized to focus on what your practice needs



Insurance verification, pre-authorizations, and a more efficient billing processes to help your practice focus on patient care



Connect2Care® is a turnkey solution that improves workflow and financial results.

Patient Access general responsibilities include:

  • Customer Service & Positive Identification of the patient

  • Help determine special needs of a patient & Provide Information to the patient/family

  • Pre-admission services

  • Pre-Registration & Pre-Service Clearance & Scheduling

  • Scheduling of resources & services

  • Determine the correct level of care

  • Distribute and/or obtain signatures on required documents & Collection of accurate and complete patient information

  • Point of Service collections

  • Pre-certification of insurance/referrals & Insurance Verification

  • Operator Services (PBX)

  • Financial Counseling

Patient Access Management

Today’s physician should not be constantly torn between patient care and the business of running their practice. Etransmedia has the solution; we optimize every component of the day to day business operation so that you can focus on patient care.

We Leverage Patient Access Management to:

  • Improve provider schedule optimization

  • Streamline specialist referral requests

  • Keep patients in network

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • Reduce burden on practice staff

  • Improve patient care plan compliance

Technological Enhancements to Improve Patients Access

Technological enhancements can help providers increase the efficiency of follow-up scheduling, and allowing patients faster access to the health system. There are multiple ways healthcare providers can use technology and automation to drive a more robust process less prone to gaps or omissions.  Some of these include:
  • Real-Time Interaction at the Point of Care
When care plans are created, smart event-driven patient access systems can direct orders to be sent to testing and imagining facilities based on quality, network affiliations, and patient health plans.  Sending a patient to a lab for testing when that lab may not accept the patient’s insurance reduces the likelihood of the patient getting the order filled, or increase the chance that patients schedule their tests at an out of network facility which means obtaining results and coordinating follow-up may be unnecessarily complicated.
  • Alerts Driven by Care Protocols
Event-driven patient access systems are preconfigured with due dates for scheduling outside appointments for tests and consults, and provide alerts and notifications to patient access staff when triggering events occur.  For example, if a consult note is received back at the practice, the access center can be alerted to reach out to the patient to schedule their follow-up, reducing the time patients will wait for treatment.
  • Improve Patient Care Compliance
Alerts and notifications can also be configured to alert the access center if treatment plan steps are missed, for example, a prescription is not filled, or a consult is not scheduled within in certain timeframe.  Patients are more likely to schedule a consults if the patient access center calls them and offers dates and times, rather than if the patient needs to pick up the phone an schedule the consult themselves.  This improves care, and also increases the likelihood of the patient staying within the same network for their consult, driving higher catchment and increased revenue.
  • Higher Provider Schedule Optimization
An often overlooked advantage of event-driven patient access is the ability of the operator to guide the patient to book appointments and procedures on otherwise underutilized days or times.  A single unused appointment slot per day can cost practices more than $25,000 per year per provider or resource.

Drive Higher Revenue & Improve Patient Care

Connect2Care®’s unique design enables seamless communication to multiple caregivers; physicians, laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies in any combination, via the web, creating a totally connected healthcare community.

  • Electronic Health Records

  • Practice Management

  • Patient Engagement

  • Mobile Charge Capture

  • Financial Analytics

  • Information Exchange

Drive Higher Revenue   |   Improve Patient Care