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Practice Assessment

and Strategic Planning

The Science of a Healthy Practice

Your expertise is the science of medicine. Our expertise is the science of business. As an objective third-party, Etransmedia performs comprehensive assessments of practice operations to determine the health of your business and optimal strategic opportunities.

Etransmedia’s assessments include a methodical audit of all aspects of your practice. But what makes Etransmedia’s process innovative and effective is what happens after the audit. Our crack team of accountants, MBA’s, registered nurses, certified coders, and contracting specialists collectively analyze the data and develop a strategic plan that leverages best-practices utilized by leading physician groups nationwide.

The Result:

  • A detailed benchmark of your practice’s health

  • A strategic plan to help your practice excel

Etransmedia will determine the immediate opportunities, critical items and “low-hanging fruit” initiatives that can make your practice more profitable and more efficient. Our core value proposition is that we analyze the data and put together a strategic plan that your practice can either execute on its own or partner with Etransmedia to execute. Additionally, Etransmedia welcomes the opportunity for your practice to connect with our client references nationwide about our successful business formulas.

Collect Every Penny You Deserve

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In a survey conducted by the Physicians Foundation, 75.3% of physicians reported that ICD-10 would “severely complicate coding.” 50.1% said that it would create a severe administrative program. What is your practice doing to position itself for the upcoming coding changes? Etransmedia has coding specialists who will work with you every step of the way. Let us help.

Get Paid for All the Work You Do

Etransmedia’s highly skilled, experienced team examines and benchmarks the following metrics of your practice against the Medical Group Management Association national standards.*


  • Profit and loss financial review
  • Overhead cost review
  • Accounting reconciliation process


  • Accounts receivable analysis
  • Explanation of benefits review
  • Coding review
  • Claims and denials management
  • Write-off policies
  • Payor mix trend analysis


  • Practice management platform review
  • Mobile Charge Capture software
  • EHR and meaningful-use revenue audit


  • Market competition
  • Physician referral strategies
  • Patient loyalty


  • Patient throughput
  • Credentialing processes
  • Superbill/patient encounter review
  • Fee schedule benchmarking
  • Top payor contracts review
  • Physician and patient scheduling process


  • Practice governance
  • Physician job satisfaction surveys
  • Strategic initiatives planning
  • Physician productivity
  • Growth opportunities-mergers, physician recruitment, partnerships
  • Board structure and decision-making


  • Key staff roles and responsibilities review
  • Staff cross-training
  • Compliance plans
  • Risk management

Service and Technology Packages

Our customizable revenue cycle management service and technology solution packages allow you to outsource based on the specific needs of your practice


Silver RCM Service

This package has the core service and technology needed for revenue management allowing you maintain the responsibility of patient billing.


Gold RCM Service

This package includes the core RCM services with added denials, A/R management services, and full service patient billing


Ancillary RCM Services & Technology

Available to enhance any package

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