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Medical Billing

We maximize your business potential and get you every penny you deserve.

Let our experience save you time and money. We can help your practice drive higher revenue and streamline workflow with fully customizable solutions

At Etransmedia, we believe physicians should be paid for the work they do at the rates they have negotiated, not less, not eventually, not sometimes.

Etransmedia delivers the highest quality and greatest returns on our customer’s RCM investment. Here’s why:

Deep service capabilities

We offer customers a full service RCM solution, including patient AR followup, complex denial management and coding assistance with rejections.  Customers can also choose from a wide range of optional services including coding, credentialing, and preauthorization services to customize a solution to meet their precise needs.

Unique RCM technology platform

This enables our team of specialists to efficiently manage customer databases, master files, and incoming data while supported by a sophisticated enterprise rules engine to reduce cycle time, reduce customer denials, and increase revenues.  This powerful platform also enables extensive tracking of customer performance and user productivity.

Breadth of specialty-specific knowledge

This assures our customers of having the experienced staff they need to support specialty-specific regulatory requirements, workflows and billing methodologies.

Financial analytics application

This provides complete transparency and performance monitoring of your RCM operations including intelligent alerts and prioritization for denial management and fee schedule non-compliance.   Customers can quickly isolate billing, clinical, coding, or front desk errors to maximize billing performance.

National reach, local presence

Local Support from nine service locations offers customers and their patients the support staff they need to maintain high satisfaction and payment rates.  Patient collections are enhanced with flexible dunning processes with fully integrated phone and web-based patient payment tools.

Do you know the health of your practice?

Learn how a practice assessments can help you because the health of your practice depends on it

Our priority is to assist providers in maximizing revenues.

Are you collecting everything you deserve?

We want to make sure that you are being reimbursed for the quality care you are providing your patients. Based on our extensive experience, our billing and coding experts inevitably find services that providers are either not billing for, billing the wrong fee schedules, or are under coding. Our recommendations or reports include benchmarking information, coding analysis, missed revenue opportunities and proposed solutions.

Do you ever wonder if your billing processes can be improved?

Our history proves that we increase providers income through accurate coding and billing procedures! We want to help you by offering a FREE billing analysis which includes a report of findings and suggested billing or process changes to improve your cash flow.*

If you would like to take advantage of our FREE billing analysis, please submit the contact form. In order to complete the analysis, we will need some financial reports and example patient notes.

*This does not imply any guarantees for financial performance. Results will vary based on multiple factors, including the quality of your current billing solution. 

Medical billing is a complex process. We make it work.

financial-healthMedical billing is one of the most complex and crucial components to a medical practice. Etransmedia handles the end-to-end revenue cycle management process: from chart coding, charge entry, and patient and carrier billing to collecting, depositing, and posting medical payments. Our expertise lies in practice management and optimizing reimbursement for medical care, and our business experience enables us to quickly recognize the unique aspects of your practice.

We take care of all the billing and collections allowing you to increase revenue as we optimize efficiency and improve your cash flow which allows the provider to focus on patient care. Our highly experienced team can pre-empt claims rejections and identify underpayments for a more timely reimbursement.

The advanced functionality of Etransmedia’s complete technology-enabled Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions delivers total control across patient flow, account management, claims processing and performance analysis.

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Building, managing, updating, submitting, tracking, and verifying credentialing applications is a necessity


Connect2Care® is a turnkey solution that improves workflow and financial results.

How We Help

Insurance Verification
  • Establish the financial responsibility for the visit.
  • Schedule / Update the patient’s appointments and reason for visiting.
  • Determine whether or not their procedure will be covered by insurance
Patient Demographics Entry
  • The patient’s medical record is then updated with a summary of the diagnosis, treatment, and any other relevant information. Information is entered into an Electronic Health Record software program. In this step, financial records are also checked to ensure the customer has paid for their previous appointments.
Medical Coding
  • Review coding compliance after obtaining CPT and ICD-9 codes from the doctor(s) and verify that all information is correct. Once reviewed, the information can be entered into the computer system. According to the AMA, the average medical practice submits more than 50% of its claims with incorrect codes. Etransmedia assures that this step will be more successful with our medical billing technology, in order to prevent increased risks of undercharging, overcharging, and post-payment audit.
Charge Posting
  • After the medical procedure has been completed, one must confirm that every service provided was captured and identified as a charge.

Claims Submission, Billing
  • Proprietary pre-check engine verifies claim integrity
  • Security and HIPAA compliance are ensured at all stages.
  • NCCI edits (clearing house level edits)
  • Electronically transmit claims to various insurance providers after reviewing for errors.
Payment Posting
  • Payments are then received via hard copy or electronic remittance advices (ERA). Clients are then given the option to continue to receive payment at the practice or to have Etransmedia manage the due payments from one of our facilities.
A/R Followup Denial Management
  • Receive an audit report, review/correct errors, and resubmit rejected claims. As unpaid claims are picked up through our medical billing systems, we investigate and follow up on them to ensure a timely payment.

Patient Statements

Print statements every month and send to the patients. Post payments to patient accounts.

  • Indicate if a statement has been billed more than once and if it’s been sent more than 3 times, then let the patient know he / she is in danger of their account being sent to a collection agency. Review unpaid and underpaid claims at regular intervals — e.g., 30, 60, 90, 120 days—and, where necessary, correct any errors and resubmit the claim.
Patient Scheduling
  • As the reporting cycle for one visit ends, the medical billing process for the new visit begins. When a patient schedules their next appointment, the record updating and eligibility checks start over. Ensuring that past appointments are on schedule with payment is a crucial step before this new cycle begins to ensure full payment.

We deliver results

We provide expert medical billing services to providers and health systems to ensure improved financial results

Improved Revenues

  • Better day-to-day collections and cash flow due to cleaner claims

  • Faster payments

  • Easier A/R management

  • The potential to serve more patients with the same staff

Clean Claims means Faster Cash flow

  • Prompt claims payment due to effective claims scrubbing and error correction prior to submission

  • Easy claims tracking

  • Simplified communication with payers

Increased Efficiency

  • Lower administrative costs and greater staff productivity through single-point claims management across payers

  • Easy reporting, analysis and problem solving

  • Optional features addressing specific revenue cycle tasks

Increased Workflow

  • Improved accuracy in data collection and reporting

  • Streamlined electronic workflow with integration with the EHR System

Etransmedia provides customized revenue cycle management solutions to meet the specific needs of your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

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  • Contract Review/ Loading

  • Billing Entry

  • Electronic Claims Submission

  • Payment Posting

  • Denial Resolution

  • Insurance Eligibility Review

  • Revenue Cycle Reporting & Trend Analysis

  • Billing Staff & Management

  • Payor Fee Schedule Verification & Review

  • Claims Correspondence Follow-Up

  • Patient Customer Service Help-Line

  • Patient Registration Verification

  • Reimbursement Analysis

  • Remittance Advice Cataloging

  • Practice Management Software

  • Mobile-Device Charge Capture Software

  • Software Implementation

  • Training & Support

  • Offsite Secure Servers

  • Data Back-Up Services

Service and Technology Packages

Our customizable revenue cycle management service and technology solution packages allow you to outsource based on the specific needs of your practice


Silver RCM Service

This package has the core service and technology needed for revenue management allowing you maintain the responsibility of patient billing.


Gold RCM Service

This package includes the core RCM services with added denials, A/R management services, and full service patient billing


Ancillary RCM Services & Technology

Available to enhance any package

Drive Higher Revenue   |   Improve Patient Care