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Eligibility & Authorization

Create an ideal practice by streamlining operations and reducing overhead.

Don’t allow your practice to lose money – pre-authorization and eligibility verification can ensure you get paid every penny you deserve

Eligibility and pre-authorization services ensure you get paid. Many providers waste time and money on inefficient healthcare billing and payment processes, and frequently do not collect. Etransmedia can help. Contact Us


Improve your revenue by letting our services handle your revenue cycle process


Full-featured solution packages customized to focus on what your practice needs


Building, managing, updating, submitting, tracking, and verifying credentialing applications is a necessity


Connect2Care® is a turnkey solution that improves workflow and financial results.

Valuable time and resources are lost every day persuading insurance companies to cover medications, tests, or procedures, and studies have shown the burden pre-authorizations have on providers and their staff.  Etransmedia knows providers are looking for ways to improve efficiency while reducing costs, and we also know quality patient interaction is very important.   While the task of pre-authorizations cannot be avoided, Etransmedia can help to minimize the headaches associated with it, including rejected claims.  Our Eligibility Services take the hassle out of pre-authorizations and allows you and your staff to put the focus back on where it’s needed most – patient care.

Collect What You’ve Earned

Many providers waste time and money on inefficient healthcare billing and payment processes, and frequently do not collect. With Etransmedia’s Eligibility services, providers will see:

  • Verification that a patient has active insurance at the time of visit
  • Reduced number of rejected claims
  • Dedicated staff who will call insurance companies when necessary to verify coverage
  • The provider’s office is contacted as soon as it is determined coverage is not valid which reduces the risk of seeing patients with inactive coverage

Verification Process

  • Provide coverage information for specific procedure codes.
  • A trained and dedicated staff member contacts each insurance company to verify coverage.
  • Provider will receive advanced notice if a referral or authorization is required.


According to MGMA, 30% of claims are rejected


According to MGMA, 50% of resubmitted claims are never paid


We have a 98% first pass clean claims rate, fewer denials and faster payments

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Service and Technology Packages

Our customizable revenue cycle management service and technology solution packages allow you to outsource based on the specific needs of your practice


Silver RCM Service

This package has the core service and technology needed for revenue management allowing you maintain the responsibility of patient billing.


Gold RCM Service

This package includes the core RCM services with added denials, A/R management services, and full service patient billing


Ancillary RCM Services & Technology

Available to enhance any package

Drive Higher Revenue   |   Improve Patient Care