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IT & Infrastructure

Reduce errors with seamless communication throughout the healthcare continuum.

Full service networks – Individual desktop support

Building, managing, updating, submitting, tracking, and verifying credentialing applications is a resource and time-intensive necessity for every practice. Our team of experts will alleviate this headache and expedite the process. Successful renegotiation of your payor contracts can also represent as much as a 12% lift in revenue. Etransmedia’s payor, physician credentialing and contract negotiation services assure physicians they are earning every penny they deserve. Contact Us >


Improve your revenue by letting our services handle your revenue cycle process


Full-featured solution packages customized to focus on what your practice needs


Building, managing, updating, submitting, tracking, and verifying credentialing applications is a necessity


Connect2Care® is a turnkey solution that improves workflow and financial results.

Services Available:

  • End user desktop support (phone and onsite)

  •  Server support

  • Network and firewall support

  • Microsoft Windows and Office along with email support

  • Desktop and server review and recommendations

  • Project planning and consulting

  • 24/7 access to IT support helpdesk site and toll free support number

Hosted Cloud Services

As a Microsoft Service Provider, Etransmedia can offer all of the latest Microsoft software through our redundant hosting environment.  Our knowledge of EHR software makes us uniquely qualified to host your medical practice software.  We offer a number of different hosting solutions dependent upon your requirements and needs.

Etransmedia provides state of the art offsite backup services.  Properly backing up your data is critical in today’s world of electronic medical records.  That data must be secured and protected from any type of failure at your office.  Etransmedia’s HIPAA compliant offsite backup solution provides the protection your medical office requires.   Your data is protected offsite at our redundant data center.

Etransmedia works with our customers to design a personalized comprehensive backup strategy.  Our backup solution is a managed solution, which means we monitor the backups to insure they are run successfully and regularly.  Data is compressed and encrypted at the client’s location before being automatically sent to Etransmedia’s backup environment.

In addition to backup services, Etransmedia can offer disaster recovery services at our hosted data center.  In the event there is a disaster at your location, we can recover your systems at our facility and get your office back online while your primary systems are still offline.  Once we review your environment, we can design a disaster recovery solution that best fits your specific needs.

Offsite Backup Services

System Level Monitoring

As your IT support, we strongly recommend our system monitoring services. These services give Etransmedia a comprehensive view of how your internal environment is functioning. Our monitoring agents map trends on your systems to help determine system resource utilization. We can use this data to make recommendations on future hardware needs. Additionally, we can detect failures and problems 24/7 and attempt to resolve problems before they become an issue to users. Alerts are sent directly to our techs to review and determine the best course of action, even after hours.

  • CPU Utilization

  • Disk Utilization

  • Memory Utilization

  • Bandwidth Usage

  • Important services (Example Microsoft SQL or Exchange)

  • System Event logs


According to MGMA, 30% of claims are rejected


According to MGMA, 50% of resubmitted claims are never paid


We have a 98% first pass clean claims rate, fewer denials and faster payments

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