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Strategy & Consulting

Cost effective, easy to use accurate. We pride ourselves on delivering quality documentation with highest accuracy rate.

A plan that leverages best-practices utilized by leading physician groups nationwide

Your expertise is the science of medicine. Our expertise is the science of business.
As an unbiased, objective third-party, Etransmedia performs comprehensive assessments of practice operations to diagnose both the health of the business and most importantly, the strategic opportunities for optimum performance.

Etransmedia’s assessments include a methodical audit of all aspects of your practice. And, what makes our process innovative and most effective is what happens after the assessment. Etransmedia cross-trained team of experts, including accountants, MBA’s, registered nurses, certified coders, and contracting specialists collectively analyze the assessment data and develop a strategic recommendation plan that leverages best-practices utilized by leading physician groups nationwide. Contact Us >


Improve your revenue by letting our services handle your revenue cycle process


Full-featured solution packages customized to focus on what your practice needs


Building, managing, updating, submitting, tracking, and verifying credentialing applications is a necessity


Connect2Care® is a turnkey solution that improves workflow and financial results.

In a recent survey, 62% of physicians report they would no longer see Medicare patients if pay cuts go through. Not only that, a staggering 13% said steep Medicare cuts would force them to shut down their practices altogether. What is your practice doing today to position itself for optimal health?


Etransmedia will determine the immediate opportunities, critical items and “low-hanging fruit” initiatives that can make your practice more profitable and more efficient. Our core value proposition is that we analyze the data and put together a strategic plan that your practice can either execute on its own or partner with Etransmedia to execute. Additionally, Etranmedia welcomes the opportunity for your practice to connect with our client references nationwide about our successful business formulas.

Experienced Team

Our highly skilled, experienced team examines and benchmarks the following metrics of your practice against the Medical Group Management Association national standards.

  • Financial Operations
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Technology Management
  • Practice Brand Management
  • General Operations
  • Practice Administration
  • Human Resources and Administration


According to MGMA, 30% of claims are rejected


According to MGMA, 50% of resubmitted claims are never paid


We have a 98% first pass clean claims rate, fewer denials and faster payments

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