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Connect2Care® Financial Analytics

Reports at your fingertips making you in control of your profitability.

Multidimensional business intelligence allows you to focus on high gain activities.

Make Your Revenue Cycle Transparent

Get the information you need.

Tired of the time it takes to get the revenue and billing reports you need, only to find the information you wanted isn’t even in the report you finally get?

Now there’s a solution to consolidate data from internal and external billing systems and make it available to you on demand.

It’s like having an x-ray for your financial analysis.

Whatever you need:

  • Billing systems

  • Electronic medical records

  • Practice management system

  • Scheduling programs

…it will all be available at your fingertips.

Our clients asked questions to better understand revenue and payment data, so we have taken that intelligence and developed a one-stop resource and solution. The questions you want to ask, the questions you want answered about your organization, data, and revenue, are all together in one tool: Connect2Care® Financial Analytics.


Connect2Care® is a turnkey solution that improves workflow and financial results.


Improve your revenue by letting our services handle your revenue cycle process


Full-featured solution packages customized to focus on what your practice needs


Analytics, Patient Engagement and Access interoperability with your existing systems

  • Have a question? Find the answer!

  • Are our doctors coding too high? Too low?

  • Where do our write-offs really come from?

  • How do we compare to our peers?

  • Are we working harder or smarter than last year?

  • Are we getting the reimbursements we’re entitled to?

Connect2Care® Financial Analytics is web-based, with point-and-click access to your data. It’s easy to use, and it’s easy to find the specific answers you need in order to act.

Find a problem, click on it, dive and see what’s beneath. Then click again and go deeper beneath. Each click brings you deeper into the data, providing you with a more detailed view and identifying the root cause of your revenue problems.

When you dive, the solution becomes evident, and you can easily share with colleagues who need the data.

Focus your staff on high-gain activities.

Connect2Care® Financial Analytics eliminates the staff-time spent digging through reams of paper or comparing reports to find out why you aren’t receiving an entitled payment.

Now your staff can:

  • Instantly monitor A/R

  • Analyze revenue shortfalls and identify denial trends

  • Proactively locate contracting issues and plug revenue holes

  • Compare business units/providers and departments

  • Evaluate performance against national benchmarks

Intelligent analysis of your financial data.

Answers. When you need them. In a way you can understand. Real time.

Practice administrators, CFOs, and their staff can find answers in an instant, answers that used to take weeks of wait time. Now you can act instead of spending time wishing and wondering what is needed to solve your revenue and billing problems.

If results matter, if your time is valuable, if you want to think of a question and get an answer quickly, then Connect2Care® Financial Analytics is for you.

Never before has it been so easy to diagnose revenue and productivity problems. A few clicks and you have vital, timely, actionable information.

Dive with Connect2Care® Financial Analytics and get the information you need now!

A few clicks tell you that registration errors account for one-third of your denials.

Another click tells you that patient referrals are a significant part of the problem, and once you know you can easily address with training.

Further clicks show that Medicaid represents the majority of the problem.

And then, one more click to see whether this is across the board or specific to a facility or two.

It’s clear that there is a training problem for Medicaid. Now you can take action and improve the bottom line.

Let our experience save you time and money

We delivers the highest quality and greatest returns on our customer’s RCM investment. Here’s why:

Deep service capabilities

We offer customers a full service RCM solution, including patient AR follow-up, complex denial management and coding assistance with rejections.  Customers can also choose from a wide range of optional services including coding, credentialing, and preauthorization services to customize a solution to meet their precise needs.

Unique RCM technology platform

This enables our teams of specialists to efficiently manage customer databases, master files, and incoming data while supported by a sophisticated enterprise rules engine to reduce cycle time, reduce customer denials, and increase revenues.  This powerful platform also enables extensive tracking of customer performance and user productivity.

Breadth of specialty specific knowledge

This assures our customers of having the experienced staff they need to support specialty specific regulatory requirements, workflows and billing methodologies.

Financial analytics application

This provides complete transparency and performance monitoring of your RCM operations including intelligent alerts and prioritization for denial management and fee schedule non-compliance.   Customers can quickly isolate billing, clinical, coding, or front desk errors to maximize billing performance.

Drive Higher Revenue   |   Improve Patient Care