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Success Stories with Etransmedia

Over our many years serving the medical profession we are proud to say that we have been part of many success stories.

Please take the time to read a small fraction of them below:


When my former billing company decided to close abruptly, I contacted Etransmedia to help me set up my own business.  Etransmedia contacted all third party payers and helped me complete the credentialing process.  In about 60 days, I was able to submit claims and receive payments electronically. With Etransmedia, my revenue has tripled. Etransmedia is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Etransmedia for medical billing.


Ann Aring, MD, FAAFP
Associate Program Director
Riverside Family Practice Residency Program

We truly cherish our working relationship with the team at Etransmedia. Their dedication is remarkable, as they consistently function with high levels of efficiency, accuracy, and integrity. We are very much pleased with the services that Etransmedia provides, as they closely and continuously communicate and interact with our practice to ensure that positive service outcomes are maximized. Thank you so much, Etransmedia, for all that you have done and are doing for our practice! We are very much looking forward to working together with you as we continue onward into the future!


Dr. Brandon J. Wilt, DPM & Staff

Just a note to say ‘thanks’ – having Etransmedia handle the billing was one of the best decisions this Board has ever made. So accurate, timely and great reports. What a relief to the problems we had when we were doing it. You made all of our lives easier, less stress, more trust.


Paul Hardick, Cumberland Valley Counseling Associates

I have been with Etransmedia for over a year. The staff is extremely helpful, friendly and accommodating. They go the extra mile to ensure my billing process is as easy for me as possible. All my phone calls have been returned in a timely manner and all questions I may have are answered. I would recommend Etransmedia to anyone that is billing on their own. I am completely satisfied with this company.


Susan Yund, CNP

When I interact with Etransmedia I feel as if I am their only client…


M. Goodyear, MD
Integrity Wound Care, LLC

Amid personal chaos, Etransmedia allowed me to retain a professional practice while seamlessly going from a group to solo practitioner. My patients are happy with the detailed statements they now receive in a timely manner. I look forward to EHR because I know that Etransmedia will be there for me through it all.  Thank you to EVERYONE at Etransmedia


Dr. Melissa Knox-Dumm

I have been administering anesthesia for 25 years and I love it! For 14 years I worked in a fast paced Level I trauma/OB hospital. Eleven years ago I had an opportunity to create my own anesthesia company. I was asked a year ago to take on the anesthesia department at a free standing surgery center with a payer mix including insured, Medicare and Medicaid. I hired the head of billing at a large anesthesia group to handle my claims. She tried, however credentialing, timing etc. all came into play. I did not want to use a large company to do my billing. I have in the past found them to be distant, impersonal, unapproachable…I wanted a group that I could phone with questions, introduce myself, feel like I and my company matter. Then I found Etransmedia. In a short time they have turned my debt into profit, my anxiety into relief and have tailored a spread sheet that answers my questions! Etransmedia has made it profitable to continue in an otherwise difficult situation. You have turned my company around. I truly value you! Thank-you…


Nora Whitehouse, CRNA
Owner, Summit Anesthesia Group, Inc.

The group at Etransmedia has handled my billing and managed my contracts for more than a decade. They are communicative, trustworthy and dedicated to my specific needs. Etransmedia has remained consistently excellent, and I have relied on them to help me with some of the most complex decisions I’ve had to make in my medical practice.


Stephen Lutz MD, President
Eastern Woods Radiation Oncology

My relationship with Etransmedia commenced in January 2011. Since that time I have found the personnel to be professional and yet personable in nature.  I no longer feel the necessity of “micro managing” my practice. I know if the Etransmedia staff has any questions or comments they will be in communication with me in a timely fashion. I appreciate the updates that are provided on their website regarding changes in insurance reimbursement and governmental regulations.

Following a tragedy  in my professional and personal life in March 2011 Etransmedia was instrumental in getting my practice back on track. I give this group the highest recommendation.


Teresa Manning,  DPM

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